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Why Your Posture Matters

Sitting Up Straight Can Change Your Life!

We’ve all heard the taunts from parents growing up to ‘sit up straight’ and ‘not to slouch’ – but how often did we listen?

More importantly, how often did we consider exactly WHY they were telling us to do so?
Most of the time, they probably didn’t understand, either.

Perhaps, if I had a better understanding years ago I would have not had as much back, hip, shoulder, neck and hand issues. These lead to pain, numbness, tingling and a poor quality of life over 10 years ago. This is why I am so passionate about postural alignment or misalignment leading to dysfunction.

While it’s generally accepted that good posture lends itself to our overall external appearance, little has been publicized about the physical reasons of why it is so transformative for all areas of our health.

In terms of spinal health, circulatory health, mental health, and overall physical functioning, it’s VITAL to correct postural alignment before embarking on any course of treatment or medication.

There are many underlying symptoms of poor posture that may not seem initially obvious, and this webinar (Why Your Posture is So Important on Thursday, August 6th at 6:30 pm CDT) will aim to help you understand more about the potential sources of your discomfort.

It is my motivation and utmost pleasure to help people understand as much as they can about the effects of their physical posture on all aspects of their health. By doing this, I hope to help others cultivate greater body awareness with the aim of promoting the benefits of proper posture as well as corrective techniques.

There is no need to suffer any longer!

During this experience, you will receive insightful advice and information which will help you understand more about how the positioning of our bodies (and the spine in particular) affect on ALL areas of our lives.

Thank You!!!
Tammy Shaw-Sykes, LMT, MMT, CPE, Cerg

Written By
Tammy Shaw-Sykes LMT, MMT, CPE, Cerg
Licensed Massage Therapist
Master of Myoskeletal™ Alignment Therapy
Certified Posture Expert
Certified Ergonomist
Founder of Shift Fitness & Massage, LLC