Shift Your Posture

Shift Your Posture Break Exercises

Shifting Posture Habits with Re-Educating Posture Muscles

The myth is that it takes 21 days to form a habit.  I will agree with that when it is moving the kitchen garbage can. For me, I can fall back into a bad habit in only a day.  Forward Head Posture is prevalent in todays technological world.  This can contribute to muscle imbalances that can affect us in our later years. Looking down at our phones. Laptops on our laps instead of eye level, arms ahead of our body holding laundry baskets, washing dishes, typing, holding kids. These can all be contributing factors to changing your posture and center of balance without you even knowing.   When no one is looking what does your posture look like?

Below are Shift Posture Breaks that help to combat the daily habits that life gives us. These exercises can be done throughout the day that can bring back that center of balance and relieve tension. These exercises should be safe for anyone to do.  It there are any questions. Schedule a consultation and we can chat.