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Pain Does More Than Hurt
It can affect our lives, our dreams and even take our joy. Shift your pain and take back control in your life.
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Specializing in Scoliosis Pain Relief and Reduction of Spinal Curves
I have created the Shift 3D Method especially for you. Scoliosis can happen at any age. Non-invasive correction and pain relief. Set a consultation call for more information.
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80% of People Have Low Back Pain
Is it you or someone you know? Let's get to the root of the problem
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When We Move...Shifts Happen
Feel Better, Move Better, Look Better ...TODAY
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Just Breathe
Directional Breathing is one of the components of SHIFT 3D Method.
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About Me

Shift Pain Relief and Transformational Programs

Shift offers both in person appointments at Shift Fitness & Massage in Northeast Minneapolis as well as virtual transformational services. 

I offer client centered advanced therapies to empower everyone to be pain free, move better and stand taller through Alignment, Posture Muscle Rehabilitation & Posture Habit Re-education. 

Wake up with that kink in your neck? No worries, I have helped many clients shift out of pain in just one appointment.  Multiple appointments may be needed for chronic problems or movement dysfunction.   

Shift Your Posture 12 week Transformation Programs are available as well and our Virtual Transformation Program begins September 11, 2023.  Call 612-991-1401 for more information. 

Hands on Manual Therapy (Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy), Rehabilitative Exercise and Yoga Therapy are some of the tools I use to build customized programs for you.  

Not nearby, NO Worries! I have been offering virtual appointments for 3 years.  Using movement, breathwork and exercise to get people out of pain and stay out of pain. 

Click on the video for a better understanding of Shift and Why I am so passionate about everyone having the opportunity to have Better Posture ~~ Tammy Shaw-Sykes


How We Work Together

About Shift

Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (MAT)

Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (MAT) is a Client-Centered, Results-Based Therapy which combines orthopedic massage and movement assessment to find the root of the problem, and get you moving toward your full, pain-free life.

Shift Your Posture
12-Week Posture Transformation Program

This is a client centered scientifically based transformation program that uses advanced therapies.
The unique infusion of bodywork and corrective exercise reduces muscle imbalances quickly for faster results than typical tranformation programs.

Shift Your Posture - Scoliosis Transformation Programs

Your curves are unique to you.
This scientifically designed program combines alignment, therapeutic exercise and movement to effectively reduce spinal curves. Shift offers a 12 week in person and a 5 day Intensive with virtual hybrid program for the "Out Of Town" client.

"Our Clients Say"

Bill MAT Client

I came first for massage and then came because was my hip was hurting. Tammy taped me walking and running on the treadmill...

Diane P Shift Transformation Program Client

I was able to golf all 18 holes without pain since Tammy started working on my severe scoliosis. Last year my hips would hurt after 9 holes.

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