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I HURT! How many times do we limit ourselves as friends call because of pain, uncertain if there will be pain and limit how fulfilling our lives can be. Grandkids we didn't see. Working without pain. Doing the things we love. Living with pain can be debilitating to just uncomfortable with sports or active daily living. Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy goes beyond massage and adds movement to find the root of the problem...


Posture can contribute to Pain and Pain can contribute to posture issues. At Shift Fitness & Massage we use the 360 degree approach.

  1. Alignment (with Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy & breathwork)
  2. Posture Muscle Rehabilitation (In office & home exercises)
  3. Posture Habit Re-Education (Tips to use in your daily life to stay...


We all have the will to live to be 100 yrs old and we deserve the best quality of life with that. Prevention of falls is easier to do than recover from. The same goes with headaches, frozen shoulders, hip & back pain.

Why not begin with a Virtual Posture Evaluation to see how your posture stacks up or if it can be improved to avoid pain or injuries?



There is not another you. Injuries, accidents, surgeries and even joint challenges are yours and so the approach is only with you in mind.

All appointments and Posture Programs are specialized with you in mind. From head to toe. From scoliosis, hyper joint movement, headaches to ankle movement, from painter to desk jockey there is no one else like you so why would...

About Shift Fitness & Massage

At Shift Fitness & Massage we offer client centered advanced therapies to empower everyone to be pain free, move better, stand taller through
Alignment, Posture rehabilitation & Posture Re-education. No pills, needles or surgery.

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Overcoming chronic pain was the best gift I gave myself. Believing in a better tomorrow.
-Tammy Shaw-Sykes

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Is Posture Causing Your Pain?

Headaches, neck stiffness, low back pain, hips hurt. Yatta, yatta. “You are getting older” we are told. I loved it when older my sister-in-law told me that she started to fall apart after her 40th birthday....

Fight Osteopenia and Osteoporosis

Recently at Shift Fitness and Massage we added in a new piece of equipment. It is a vertical vibration plate. Affectionally called "Vibie" by one scoliosis client. Unlike the ones you see on the television and facebook...

My Hip Hurts

Hip pain is real pain. It can be part of our lower back or nerve caught in between hip bone and sacrum.

Hip pain can be sharp, tingly, numbness, constant, intermittent,...

Tammy, the woman who owns Shift, is one of those kinds of individuals who really cares and wants to make a difference in people’s lives. Although she does not have to, she will address every aspect of a persons health regimen to make sure it is fairly sound...

This is MY Happy Place! I feel so much better after a massage from Tammy. She is the BEST.

Shelly R. - Client of 7 years

I have been working with her as a personal trainer for some time now. She has taken me from nearly immobile to a full range of motion. I can get up and go, and do whatever whenever. Her holistic approach to care has opened up many new possibilities for me. She takes an interest in me an my life from physical movement to spiritual support which...

If you’re looking for a very traditional yoga class or personal yoga, this studio might not be for you, but if you’re open to trying new things and looking for variety, it’s great! The instructor, Tammy, is very friendly and has a lot of experience with a variety of fitness techniques. She likes to bring in interesting props to the...

“Tammy has competed alongside me in 5ks for the last 3 years and has been a great coach as well as a great resource. Not only does Tammy Talk the Talk, She walks the walk. (pardon the Pun )”

After 20 years of shoulder pain, Tammy has given me relief. I can move and dance with an amazing range of motion and NO pain! Sara J.

I came first for massage and then came because was my hip was hurting.  Tammy taped me walking and running on the treadmill and I saw how much of my whole left side was not functioning as it could be. With the combination of massages and exercises for strengthening I noticed that my swimming laps was straighter and easier to turn my head and...

I was able to golf all 18 holes without pain since Tammy started working on my severe scoliosis. Last year my hips would hurt after 9 holes. My balance improved yoga poses are more fluid and I stand more upright as I have had this since a teenager 30+ years now.  —D.P., A Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy Client


Tammy’s methods and extensive education target my trouble areas before they get unmanageable.
Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy for pain relief and more ease of mobility
Virtual: Thank you for moving PT online!
This is my Happy Place!
I Wouldn’t Trade Tammy as a Health Coach for All the Tea in China.
Yoga with Variety
Tammy and two others at walk event
Sara Julson wearing costume doing performance
Walking Pain Free and Swimming Better
Return Pain Free to Golf
Shift Keeps My Body Moving and Working

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