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Scoliosis Therapy

Scoliosis clients take steps to improve their posture, core strength, and breathing with the help of MAT Therapy.

It is still shocking that the process for scoliosis has not changed much in years. 

  1. Monitor
  2. Brace
  3. Surgery

Shift Your Posture (Scoliosis) 12 Week Transformation Programs have changed that.  

A better life is waiting for you with the help of Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (MAT). In our program, scoliosis clients take steps to improve their posture, core strength, and breathing with the help of MAT. SHIFT Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy is a non-invasive, gentle, muscle and bone manipulation along with exercises that can reduce the effects of scoliosis and postural issues.  Our MAT posture programs are less intense than chiropractic adjustments, relying on manual manipulation and movement therapy


A Scoliosis Therapist Cares for Your Spine and Its Unique Needs

How does Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy work with scoliosis? It combines gentle, muscle and bone manipulation to correct and minimize harm to your joints as you age. Besides the correction of the curve, outcomes of a SHIFT MAT program may include:

  • Improved posture
  • Improved core stability and strength
  • Easier breathing
  • Less pain
  • Improved overall movement pattern and function
  • Improved self-management and understanding of the spine
  • Better pelvis alignment

About Tammy

While M.A.T. gave remarkable results with reducing pain in scoliosis my belief was we can do better. 

Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy is a the foundation of the treatment. While in yoga teacher training class we focused on intention of the body and breathing.  This combination of Breathing, Myoskeletal Alignment and Yoga infuses a great recipe for scoliosis therapy.  It is a gentle movement that works with clients from 9-89 and reduces the curve.  

Clients feel taller, more balanced and less pain in only one session.  



Posture Images and Assessments

We begin with a visual image of your posture. These clothed posture image photos are taken with state of the art software. They will be analyzed to identify posture and movement patterns. Functional Posture Health Scores will also give an assessment of how far you have come in the transformation. Multiple images are take during the 12 week program to capture your healing progress and changes.

Alignment and Breathwork

I use a blended method of myoskeletal alignment and breathwork. This combines orthopedic massage, assessing through movement, activating muscles not used often while taking the strain off overused muscles.  Alignment, gentle stretching and strengthening work begins on the massage table. Together we create a more unified balanced body in each session. 

Conditioning and Exercise

Exercises for our posture are much more subtle than traditional exercise and require a different level of focus. You need to know the right exercises to help you stabilize at this stage of your life with activity and build better posture. We also discuss Posture Habit Re-Education Activities we perform every day have an impact on our posture. This picture is an example using the Shroth Bar.

Whole Body Vibration Therapy
We end our sessions with vibration therapy to complete the re-aligment of the body and the changes we have made.   
Whole body vibration therapy benefits are: 
  • Improved balance
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Improved bone health 
  • Greater flexibility
  • Decreased muscle soreness 
  • Faster weight loss

Shift Your Posture 12 Week Transformation Program
Scoliosis Client Testimonials

Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy: Reduce Progression of Scoliosis

The main goal of SHIFT Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy is to prevent scoliosis from advancing and improve movement, reducing wear and tear in joints. We work together with your body, movement and breathing in addition to your lifestyle outside of the SHIFT.

Results depend on your age, bone maturity and the degree of curvature. Managing scoliosis with MAT is an option for patients who want to avoid surgery. Some exercises are done on the massage table, with Schroth bars for fine-tuning movements of specific areas. Every movement in your treatment plan is customized to your needs and curvature. The length and frequency of treatment largely depends on the age, tolerance, and extent of scoliosis as well as your goals and compliance with home exercises.

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