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More of That from Now On

“It is always good, but that was incredible! More of that from now on.” Ihab exclaimed. Ihab has been coming to Shift Fitness & Massage on and off for massage for years.

Today he mentioned that in the last week he has been having leg cramps often in the last few weeks. As in the saying years ago “one lump of sugar or two?” I ask, “one leg or both”. One night he was awoken by both. Usually one leg cramps.

As the temperatures have been high, I asked about his water intake. He owns a food truck so is standing all day preparing the food, driving the truck and standing to assemble. It can be very hot. Dehydration can show signs with leg cramps but is both at the same time. Lack of potassium can be improved with a banana but one leg with cramps is different.

Leg cramping on one leg is more likely a muscular skeletal issue. Today I used more Myoskeletal™ Alignment Therapy than massage. I engaged with him and ask more questions in addition to assessing his range of motion.. I knew his leg cramping would be on the left side as it moved more hesitantly as well as talking about it in the past.

Ihab played soccer professionally in Egypt at 17 years old.  A hamstring injury ended his professional “football” (soccer) career at 19 years old. For the most part, no one would know that this injury cost him his career in “football”. Now in his 50’s he gets reminded of it often. Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy was the perfect blend of manual therapy, assessment and muscle engagement by him.  Not only find the root problem area but to reeducate the muscles on firing order and reintegrating the muscles with proper movement.

Chronic or past injuries to not have to be a constant annoyance in life. MAT not only finds the problem but with rehab & re-education of the muscles the problem can go away without medications or surgery. 

If a hamstring injury has been in your past or present then schedule your Myoskeletal™ Alignment Therapy Session.

Tammy Shaw-Sykes LMT, MMT, CPE, Cerg
Licensed Massage Therapist
Master of Myoskeletal™ Alignment Therapy
Certified Posture Expert
Certified Ergonomist
Founder of Shift Fitness & Massage