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Back Pain

Back Pain can be Debilitating

Suffering from chronic back pain myself as a youth was no fun and it only got worse as I got older. It has only been in the last 10 years of education and training in massage, personal training and postural distortion patterns that I have realized how to better strengthen and maintain a healthier body in myself. Along the way helping many others get out of and stay out of pain. Fill out the contact form to set up a FREE 15 min dialog about you.

There is any number of reasons why you may begin to experience back pain at any stage of  your life.   With Covid the lack of movement has added even another level of pain and discomfort.

Some common reasons include:  
Weight gain  – increased pressure to the spinal column and its supporting cartilage comes when  there is excessive weight to support. This is why many people experience back pain after  gaining significant amounts of weight. The spine and its surrounding organs are incredibly  delicate and will respond to changes and unnecessary pressure.  
Pregnancy – a combination of weight gain, organ pressure, and hormonal changes in pregnant  women can impact their experience of back pain. There are specific exercises and movements  which can be done to relieve this.  
Age – as we age, our bones lose strength and flexibility. This is why many people begin to  experience pain in the back and joints later in life.  
Poor Posture – living a sedentary lifestyle encourages poor posture and can have a significant  impact on back pain. The more time spent in poor alignment, such as being seated hunched  over at a desk or in unsupported sleeping positions, the more likely we are to experience back  pain.  
Keep in mind there are many reasons for back pain. Identifying the cause of your pain is the key  to proper treatment.   What do you think is causing you discomfort? Assess your current state of health and mobility  as a way to move forward and eliminate pain from your life for good!   “Self-assessment is the first step to all assessment.”  

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Tammy Shaw-Sykes
Pain Relief & Posture Specialist