Shift Your Posture

My Hip Hurts

Hip pain is real pain. It can be part of our lower back or nerve caught in between hip bone and sacrum.

Hip pain can be sharp, tingly, numbness, constant, intermittent, give trouble walking, sitting, sit to stand, stand to sit, sleep, knees can hurt and even feet. I have even seen cases of plantar fasciitis advancing up to knees then hip.

Hip pain can be nagging or it can be debilitating.  Here are small sample of my hip pain clients in the last few weeks.

Client 1 “I was sitting down on the toilet, reached over for toilet paper and felt a zig and that is where I sat for ten minutes. After that I could barely walk and that was 3 days ago. The ortho doctor can’t see me for 5 more days.” Indicates one client that I normally see walking around the neighborhood. Being totally unseen to the inside structure I carefully worked on him. An hour later he sat up and the smile with jovial personality had come back and he set the borrowed cane against the wall while he asked if I wanted it. He didn’t think he needed it.  With instructions of keeping his Doctor appointment and take his can when he goes walking for in case his body fatigues quicker that he would like. Today is his last of 2 weeks of pain relief appointments. As x-rays indicated no fracture, I could work still conservatively to release possible nerve involvement. Each session he has walked and moved with much less pain and more ease.  His insurance company said it could be up to 2-3 weeks before he heard back if he could get an MRI. Each session he has wondered if he will even need it by the time they call.

Client 2 “I was holding the laundry basket on Saturday, turned and instantly knew I did something. Sunday was painful to even sit for a 20 min car ride. Sitting is worse, walking ok but something is still so wrong.” This client and I have been working together on the 12 Week Pain Relief / Postural Alignment Program. This was truly a mental and physical setback as she was excited to have a dream fulfilled of being in a Tap Dancing class on Monday evenings. She scheduled herself for a mid-Monday morning appointment.  After working on her hip, legs, back and finishing with the vibration plate she left feeling so much better. She left to enjoy her day. The next day she danced her way into Shift only to show me three times how she could “Shuffle of to Buffalo” tap side step with a kick. No only did she sit pain free the same day she came in but went to tap dance class. We were able to get right back onto her normal recheck and treatment plan.

Client 3 “My hip has been bothering me off and on for a year and a month ago it was throbbing when I laid on it and I couldn’t sleep. When to orthopedic doctor and x-ray’s showed nothing wrong. He asked if I wanted a cortisone shot and recommended me to physical therapy. No thanks on the shot and I just need to go see Tammy”. I saw this client last week and will see her in a few weeks for recheck.  We reduced her pain each session and also gave her exercises, she is also sleeping soundly. We even had time in our appointments to work on her knees and give her more flexibility to reduce chronic knee pain she had.

Here at Shift Fitness and Massage you won’t get a diagnosis of your pain. Instead we get to the root of the problem. You will get clothed posture images, assessment of the body from head to toe to assess what other areas may be contributing to your pain. With the highest level of advanced training that a massage therapist and personal trainer can get the corrective exercises are effective in keeping you out of pain.

Why might you be able to get in within a reasonable time frame? Because I make sure that my clients see me and teach them so they need me less and less. Your time and money is valuable. I respect that and try to work with you to make your goals of living a pain free life achievable. It might be an recent pain problem or a chronic problem in which there is longer commitment for forever changes.

You may be wondering about client #4 that had constant pain in the hips that limited walking, bending, thought it was just part of the aging process. Through her schooling she knew her posture was bad and that her feet turned out, but it wasn’t until a personal training instructor was she informed that she could make a difference in reducing her pain.  That was 10+ years ago and I am back to playing Wallyball inside the racquetball courts 2 days a week, 2 hours each time. I don’t limit my walking, dancing or Wallyball playing. Why should I, I only started those things 15 years ago.

If you are wondering if your hip pain can be reduced, concerned that the constant sitting or improve moving can be contributing to your hip pain ~ schedule a New Client Imaging, Assessment and treatment session today.