Shift Your Posture

Avoid Mosquitos – Plant Them Away

NOW IS THE TIME to Plant with Intention!

If you are like me you are loving the sunshine and warmth of the Summer. I am busily planting annuals and perennials that survive our somewhat harsh winters.

I am checking my list twice while I am also considering our friend (not so)
state bird – “The Mosquito”

As I am planting annuals and perennials there are some “must have’s to plant” or even have in a pot on the patio or deck.  I wanted to share my list.

Plants that mosquitos do not like:

Annuals – We are zone 4 so some may come back next year but don’t count on it.

  • Citronella – yes the plant grass / easy to grow and can be 5-6 feet tall
  • Lemon Balm – dried leaves also makes great tea.
  • Marigolds – Also as a border is a rabbit deterrent.
  • Basil – Great for cooking. Also, try lemon basil and cinnamon basil (awesome in eggs)

Perennials – Should come back yearly

  • Catnip – I will avoid as my cat may not. It is very pretty.
  • Lavender – Is zone 4 but I have lost both of mine.
  • Peppermint – Also leaves can be rubbed directly on the skin to make a great bite relief treatment. I planted some by my house because mice to not like it but I do as a tea. Some people have found this to be invasive to be cautious of it spreading. Great for a larger area or fence line.
  • Garlic – eating it will not but putting it in your garden or flower beds will repeal mosquitos.
    You can save the fall harvest in a cool dark place for great fall & winter sauces.