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Myoskeletal Alignment and Shift Posture Transformations work!

We use a combination of Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy, Postural Correction, Posture Habit Re-Education & Rehabilitative Exercises to help you achieve the results you are looking for.   This is the most effective approach to getting you out of pain while reaching your goals. Whether you want to want to get out of pain today or have longer term goals of better balance and movement, I can help! Don’t believe me? 

Hear what my clients have to say.   

"Our Clients Say"

Clark A Myoskeletal Alignment Massage

Tammy worked wonders on a forearm injury that I have been dealing with for over two years. I am back to playing piano and composing without pain again.

Gail Myoskeletal Alignment Massage

Tammy listens to your body and helps it repair and shift. My shoulder moves so much better.

Amanda N Myoskeletal Alignment Massage

Tammy asks a lot of questions so she can focus her work on what is causing me the most trouble. She is knowledgeable and always continuing her education.

Monique Long Term Client

Tammy has been great with helping to mitigate my neck and shoulder pain. The last few times I have come in my pain is reduced and range of motion has increased. She has also given exercises to strengthen the muscles surrounding my joints as I am double jointed.


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“After 20 years of shoulder pain, Tammy has given me relief. I can move and dance with an amazing range of motion” Belly Dancing Myoskeletal Aligment Client

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