Shift Your Posture

Drinking more water didn’t help my leg cramps

How often have you heard advice like “drink more water” or “eat bananas for potassium”?

As a Myoskeletal Alignment and Movement Specialist, I delve deeper. I ask about specifics: “One leg or both?” “At night only?” “Same spots on each leg?” “Cross your legs?”Leg cramps could point to back, hip, overuse, or blood flow issues. Even when sciatica seemingly disappears, slight blood flow restrictions might persist.

Imagine beavers damming a river. A side stream could be partly or fully blocked, affecting downstream health. Your cows down the stream might be unhealthy but following up the stream you may find the real issue of a dam.

Neuropathy (tingling/numbness) troubled me 20 years ago, driving me to learn “Treating Trapped Nerves” five years back. Sadly, few therapists, chiropractors, or orthopaedic doctors know about these non-surgical approaches to movement and nerve releases. Some of these I was taught and also now I teach my clients new ways, not documented before.

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