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What is a Clinical Massage Therapist?

What is the difference between a Certified Massage Therapist and a Clinical Massage Therapist? Certified Massage Therapists have gone to school for massage training and in my case, courses included Massage Techniques, Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology, Nutrition, Practicum, etc. for minimum 500 hours with practice hours. (I received over 750 hours of training) For myself, my Clinical (Medical-Sports) Massage Degree also dove deeper in Therapeutic Exercise, Health Psychology, Kineology, Wellness Coaching, Advanced Holistic Nutrition, Clinical Massage and Injury Recovery totaling over 1400 hours of holistic, massage and joint movement training. … Read More

Shift Fitness and Massage Open House

OPEN HOUSE Thank you for a fantastic turnout for our Open House Here is the link for the Live Photo Booth Click on Client Tab Password is shift (all lower case letters)

Time to Fly

This past Saturday, June 30th was the “Time to Fly” 1K, 5K, 10K event day. This helps to raise money for Children’s Cancer Research Fund. I admit that I just wanted to participate in a 5K this weekend. That changed. While waiting for the event to start, a family asked my husband to take a picture of their team. I had previously been watching their cute baby crawling, reaching and watching everything around him. When they picked him up, his t-shirt was differant than the rest. His said “Cancer sucks” … Read More

The Whole Body Blog

Hi, I’m Tammy Shaw. I created Shift Fitness and Massage to change perceptions of what fitness means. I created this blog to keep you updated on the latest information in the ever-evolving world of wellness. Through all the years I’ve educated myself about wellness, I’ve learned that a great many of our common ailments can be prevented through proper exercise, nutrition, yoga, and massage. The cutting edge information you’ll find here will hopefully lead you to similar insights and a whole body approach to your health. I look forward to … Read More