Shift Your Posture

Surreal artist's depiction of a migraine

Ouch! My Head Hurts

If you or someone you know suffer from chronic headaches and haven’t identified the cause then assessing your posture and alignment can be beneficial. If you’ve ruled out other causes – dehydration, lack of nutrition, fatigue, hormones etc. – assessing your posture can help to shed light on your headaches. 

As a Certified Posture Expert from the American Posture Institute, I have been working with Posture Assessments and Neurological Assessing of the brain thru body and eye movement.

Two years ago I had a car accident in which it seemed to have no injury but just because you could not see the injury did not mean it was not there.

For me, simple things like singing effected my vision resulting in momentary site loss until I would lay down. Simple slow turns in dancing caused sharp pains on one area of my brain. Even watching dancers in the audience I could not do because of the music. As a background, 10 years ago I was nicknamed the “dancing fiend” as I would never leave the dance floor if a band was playing. The worst was when I realized that I was mixing up numbers and addresses – sadly my own address. I sought help and now have the tools, training and experience to help others with challenging eye & brain issues. Ironically, Erik Dalton, Founder of Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy educated me and 174 others at our annual Oklahoma MAT Workshop just a few months later. Our focus was on the brain and how it works with the body.

Headaches and migraines can be a nuisance to those around us but debilitating when you, yourself have one or constant pain.

Combining Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy with proper assessments for you can lead to a better understanding of what is happening as well as treating more pain free days.

“Its all in your head” may not be the case.

If you or someone you know suffers from headaches or migraines please schedule a Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy session which will include Postural Assessments & neurological testing as well (as easy as follow the pen top) and treatment to your needs.

Please remember that I do not diagnosis but can assess and treat for acute & chronic issues.