Shift Your Posture

woman's feet on carpet

I’m Not Limping!

“I am not limping.” I defensively told my new Personal Training Instructor at St Paul College on the first day of class. He had me turn and walk away then back and I promptly apologized.

I did not know I was limping. “Why?” He asked again.  I sarcastically replied that “I am old, my hips hurt every day, I have fibromyalgia, arthritis in both knees due to a car accident and did I mention I am old” I felt like I deserved at medal at 48 just for standing and showing up in a class that most people where the same age as my children.

“Look down.”  I looked down and both of my feet were pointed out and the left more than the right foot. His exercise prescription for me was the exercise bike that had stirrups or the eliptical machine and that I was not allowed on the treadmill. I also had to do squats with a 5 lb medicine ball in between my legs. This continued for 2 days a week. Within a month I was able to realize that I no longer had hip pain consistently.  It was this limping and meeting Jonny Jenson that gave me an understanding that fitness was not on the outside but how are bodies were structured from the inside. The corrective exercises that he gave me helped to strengthen the weak muscles while proper movement was reeducating the muscles and bringing the bones into proper alignment. I continued that mindset with yoga and keeping that proper foot, knee, hip alignment.  Ten years later I still play wallyball, volleyball, yoga, tennis & Latin Dance. Not having hip pain allowed me to be more active that I was even in my 20’s.

On that August day my mind was opened to the concept that fitness started on the inside and we need to Shift our Bodies into Proper Alignment, Proper Movement, Proper Posture. Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy is a perfect blend of massage, alignment, stretches & strengthening even on the massage table. Shift Fitness & Massage has always been about that balance of muscles (Myo) and bone alignment and fitness from the inside out to support your posture.

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