Shift Your Posture

Tammy Shaw-Sykes standing in yoga pose with arms stretched over her head in front of wooden cabinet

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

True! In this case some words can also assist in finding a solution to a problem.

If I asked you to tell me if this person has any range of motion differences, I am sure you would respond with. “Duh!”

I am also sure that you would tell me which arm does not reach as high as the other without forcing it or causing pain, I am sure you and I would agree as to which arm has restrictions.

This is a virtual image assessment.  In this case it is Me this mid-July 2020.

A year ago, I started taking images with first appointment of Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy sessions. That tool has been invaluable but I needed more. This year I have progressed with range of motion assessment in person but also virtual images and printed questionnaire with follow-up question. This Functional Movement Assessment as a great tracking of improvement as well.

If I was asking questions of this person (which is me) I would ask some of the following questionsDoes this effect your daily work?             

     My Shift Fitness & Massage clients that have seen since reopening in June would tell you that it does not affect my quality of work in any way. 

Does this effect your sleeping?               

 Not usually, I sleep on my right side. 

How long has this been bothering you? 

 I don’t know, off and on for years and I had frozen shoulder 9 years ago. And then there was that fall 4 years ago but James Waslaski fixed that and I had full range of motion.  (As you see I am a not the easiest client)

When do you feel pain?                           

When I have to put any weight on it to get up or playing volleyball

When might you have noticed that you had good range of motion? 

When I was playing Wallyball and I return the ball with left or right arm

When did you stop playing wallyball?   

 Mid March 

This is a TRUE STORY! This is MY story. Due to Covid-19 my habits that kept me healthy and aligned changed and motion was limited without realizing it. I have no intention of taking medications, having surgery, or accepting that this is the way it will be for the rest of my life. I plan on living till 98 so I must work with what I have. While I can not see my self for Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy and have manual therapy done which can progress weeks into a rehab exercise program I will be designing a program with rehab exercises that will include postural alignment head to toe. If this were a client of mine, I would also be seeing weekly (in person or virtually) to make sure exercises were working and not aggravating the body. It is not uncommon for other questions, memories or even daily activities changes to assist in your bodies healing.  

My background in Corrective, Orthopedic, Therapeutic Exercise in addition to Postural Alignment will assist in designing my customized exercise program including even Senior Fitness and yoga.

I know that I will have a better range of motion and that I will be doing it safely so I do not have to give up my weekly volleyball playing until it is too cold to play.  Update: Later that day I used various press & hold (isometric strengthening) exercises and have full range of motion. No pain the next day so I will progress with strengthening exercises.

If you feel that this has given you some insight on how you can be helped with range of motion challenges that please add to the comments, schedule an assessment or call me at 612-991-1401