Shift Your Posture

ABC Blocks Isolated

Prevention of Plantar Fasciitis

How do I prevent Plantar Fasciitis? I get asked this question at least one time a week. My favorite prevention is the ABC’s. If you are at the office then extend your leg out. Sit at the front of your chair and using just your foot write out the A, B, C all the way through Z.  This is an opportunity to stretch, strengthen and increase flexibility in all the muscles from the glutes to the toes. You are moving all the muscles in every direction more so than up, down & side to side. Sitting on the front of you chair engages your core muscles so you sit up straighter. Repeat daily for each leg. 

Modification. If you have back issues or swelling in the legs than lay on your back and have the leg in the air. This will allow fluids to move back to the heart to get processed faster.  A great modification to the restorative yoga pose of legs up on the wall. 

Note: if you notice a difference from one leg to the other or feel uncomfortable in any area or pain than it may be time for a Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy session to make sure that all the joints can move in proper order.  Please schedule an appointment with Tammy Shaw-Sykes, MMT.