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Tammy climbing exercise ladder at Minneapolis fitness studio

Exercising with Scoliosis

“They told me core exercises would help maintain my scoliosis curves, but nothing beyond that. I am thankful I found you.

Pilates classes were this client’s exercise of choice in the last 18 months. The first instructor did extensive research to modify movements for her. The second instructor has not had as much success as she has been in pain. General exercise recommendation like “core exercises” are for the person that is not unique like many of my clients.

As I expanded to Personal Training and Yoga Teacher Training 9 years ago, I found the same examples of this woman. The schools teach is that all bodies are the same from left to right, they are symmetrical. While taking a group class is great for affordability and community is great, it can be a painful & expensive mistake. Most teachers are to teach to a classes for the 80% of people with no issues which may not be helpful when there is uniqueness to the individual like scoliosis. All scoliosis is not curved in the same way either so one on one may be a better option with an advanced trainer.

My clients have found another way of using exercise and Myoskeletal™ Alignment Therapy (MAT) with scoliosis as a great holistic approach to working with it. Combining MAT with breath work and movement exercises assist in de-rotating, elongating and stabilizing the spine and the joints from extend from the spine. It is a gentle way to see spinal changes at each session. Exercises are customized to your changing spine and joints. Schroth bars and resistance training are used in combination of Myoskeletal™ Alignment Therapy.

Clients results as we minimizing the stress on the joints through these combined efforts has lead to one client can play 18 holes of golf pain-free instead of 9 holes with pain. Another return to their yoga & pilates classes with less to no modifications. They say the can stand taller, breath better, even notice how a swimsuit looks on them in their vacation photos.  MAT Scoliosis Plan can be from 5-15 sessions depending on how your body responds in a addition to your at home exercises.  My clients move from weekly 90 minute session to every other week then 3 weeks and then a months maintenance. Rechecking from head to toe to make sure your body is responding to the exercises and modifying every few weeks as your body and activities continues to change.

If you are interested in finding out more about Myoskeletal ™ Alignment Therapy can help your scoliosis, please schedule a 15 minute Consultation or Sign up for your Myoskeletal ™ Alignment Therapy Scoliosis Session today.

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