Shift Your Posture

woman displaying scoliosis osteoporosis posture

Scoliosis and Aging

Aging is something that happens to all of us daily, which is no surprise, but as we reach 50 we lose muscle at a faster rate than prior years. It is important to keep the muscles strong to support our spines and joints, but also prevent osteopenia and osteoporosis.  For scoliosis this is imperative and the sooner you start the better for pain relief and pain prevention.

For many people Scoliosis can be pain free or they can move with minimal pain. One of my clients likes to golf. As she moved into her 40’s she was only able to golf 9 holes until the pain in her left hip made her stop. Myoskeletal™ Alignment Therapy (M.A.T.) while also incorporating guided breathing allowed her to play 18 holes with no pain.

Another client realized that she had lost inches of height. Osteoporosis had added to the curvature of her scoliosis. Using Myoskeletal™ Alignment Therapy in combination with custom exercises she was able to reduce the amount of time using ice and medications as we strengthened her spine and hips. She was happy to be able to spend more time gardening and we made modifications to some of the other exercises that she was doing in classes so they would work for her.

Myoskeletal™ Alignment Therapy which includes body movement and re-educating movement patterns through strengthening and stretching. We re-train the proper muscles along each vertebra of the spine in addition to muscles and joints from head to toe. The work begins with intake, assessment and the massage table but the exercises improve movement patterns that continue to correct the spine & muscles each day. My clients feel taller and see improvements at each session and maintain those changes between appointments. Reeducating movement pattern does take longer as many times the scoliosis is from teen years but not always. Surgery does not have to be the option to correcting back and structure bones. With M.A.T. and working together we can make a positive movement patterns and reduce  joint wear and tear quickly.

If you are wondering if this may help you with hips, knees, range of motion or controlling and reversing the effects of osteoporosis please reach out to me at or call/text me at 612-991-1401.