Many of us woke up one day and realized that we now have that “middle age belly” or the “middle age spread”.  

Perhaps, we saw it coming, but not sure what to do about it. “I am not doing anything different, so I don’t get it. Nothing has changed” my clients repeatedly tell me.

Well, I am sorry to say something did change, you changed. Without knowing it or realizing it, our hormones change, our metabolism slows down, our activity slows down. Yet, we still eat the same quantity of food as the year before. Although perhaps in the last year even more stress eating. No one can blame us for the stress eating of the last year, but now it is harder on the joints that support us.

In 2012 while studying Senior Fitness through National Academy of Sports Medicine, I was surprised to realize that there are nutritional changes for us “over 50’s” that need to be considered. As our hormones for women and men slow down (yes, men too.) the calories that I once knew were for weight loss are now for just for maintaining.

Intake Calories for women should be 1,600 –  2,000  and men  2,000-2,400  

This depends on your activity level. This would be a sedentary lifestyle.  

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