Several adults playing beach volleyball at a park

Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (MAT) is the perfect pain, posture & performance addition for any athlete or weekend warrior. 

As an athlete for profession, weekly workouts, competitions, Spring training or weekend warrior it is imperative for our bodies to move fluidly.

Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy is a great compliment for any athlete. Soft tissue massage combines with dynamic movement can assist in:

  • injury prevention
  • recover faster from training
  • increase range of motion
  • added to flexibility
  • muscle testing
  • injury rehab

These things are universal to regardless of your sport on the field, track, mat, in the gym or on the dance floor.

Assessments with photos are done standing but may include gait analysis walking / running on the treadmill along with bodywork and muscle firing testing. Movement pattern are tested so they are efficient and injury rehab progresses that is comfortable for the client.

“Being a Master Personal Trainer and being trained in school by some ot the best elite athletes trainers in the Twin Cities, Jeremy Sartain and Jonny Jenson, I found that I needed to keep people moving and to not give up because of an injury. As a Corrective Exercise Specialist I found that using Erik Dalton’s Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy can assess and engage proper muscles in one session and build from there. It sames time with injuries as well as increase performance quickly and more efficiently. ” Tammy Shaw-Sykes, Founder of Shift Fitness & Massage