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What is a Clinical Massage Therapist?

What is the difference between a Certified Massage Therapist and a Clinical Massage Therapist?

Certified Massage Therapists have gone to school for massage training and in my case, courses included Massage Techniques, Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology, Nutrition, Practicum, etc. for minimum 500 hours with practice hours. (I received over 750 hours of training)

For myself, my Clinical (Medical-Sports) Massage Degree also dove deeper in Therapeutic Exercise, Health Psychology, Kineology, Wellness Coaching, Advanced Holistic Nutrition, Clinical Massage and Injury Recovery totaling over 1400 hours of holistic, massage and joint movement training.

Relaxation massage has wonderful benefits. Having Fibromyalgia that was the only massage that I could have as I was so oversensitive to touch. It is what I call the body’s restoration. It shifts the body and mind into quietness and assists in circulation of the tissues.

Clinical (Therapeutic-Medical) Massage uses relaxation techniques but expands as it is more functionally based. Such as pain reduction, improved range of motion and is also recommended for accident and injury recovery. This may take additional sessions for desired effects. This can consist of one hour massages but also shorter appointments working on a specific area. *Insurance billing is available for Auto Insurance and Workman’s Compensation.

As a Clinical Massage Therapist, I do not diagnose but I do assess posture, range of motion and movement patterns and abnormalities because of further education. I do work with other health care providers in providing you the best health care options.

Massage may have been my personal recovery from severe symptoms of Fibromyalgia but by no means will it be the end of my journey of learning and educating in health and wellness.

I do believe that everyone deserves the right to a “Clinical Massage” though it should not have to be in a “clinical” setting. Although I could work in a doctor’s office or hospital, I prefer the combination of relaxing environment with “Clinical” techniques.

Tammy Shaw-Sykes, Clinical Massage Therapist

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