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Time to Fly

This past Saturday, June 30th was the “Time to Fly” 1K, 5K, 10K event day. This helps to raise money for Children’s Cancer Research Fund. I admit that I just wanted to participate in a 5K this weekend. That changed. While waiting for the event to start, a family asked my husband to take a picture of their team. I had previously been watching their cute baby crawling, reaching and watching everything around him. When they picked him up, his t-shirt was differant than the rest. His said “Cancer sucks” They confirmed that he was reason they were walking. Braydon who was 8 months old and cancer free for one month. He was diagnosed at one month old and quite possibly born with it. I had only been looking that day for a good workout that pushed me for my own heart health. I finished in under 45 minutes on that hot sultry day but the effects of that day and meeting Braydon with his family and will never be forgotten. Godspeed to them and all children and their families that have been touched by cancer.

I will be at this event next year. Not just to participate in the 5K but run for Braydon and others and help in thenfight for cancer free children.

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