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Scales Lie

SCALES LIE!!! If you believe this then join the club! I have had the opportunity at County and State fairs to stump the guesser. You know the professional Carnie that guesses your age or weight? Only me and the doctor’s office know the truth and they are usually surprised. I don’t look my weight. I guess I own it well. So many times we get so caught up in the weight that we forget that it is only a number and does not tell our health or fitness level. It … Read More

Shift Rowing Machine High Intensity Interval Workout

“You are one of the few people I see working out on this machine, and I do mean working vs. sitting.” Was what a woman at the gym said to me this morning. “Thank you,” was my response. ”It is one of my favorite workouts.” ”I only wish there was more of a workout …” and there, an idea was hatched. Shift Rowing Machine High-Intensity Interval Workout. Today’s workout was geared to be 20 minutes but can be customized to your needs. Please revise this workout to your level of … Read More

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