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What is education? What counts? What Matters?

What is education?  What counts? What Matters?

As I am de-cluttering my life and cleaning up rooms, trying to decide what books are important at SHIFT, I thought I would only be looking at the many books from 2009 when I started my collegiate education.  I could not have been more wrong.

As one fitness professional on the phone said last week “You and I have been in this business for over 20 years”. I quickly corrected her and indicated that it has been much shorter time for me.  It is I who needed to rethink that.

Even as a teenager I was reading motivational books like the “Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale, which still resides on my book shelf.  Now over the years to be add other positive influences such as Mary Kay Ash, John Maxwell, Rich Warren, Mark Hymen, Bikram Iyengar, Beth Shaw, Daniel Amen to name just a few.

Diet and weight loss experience that also date me include the Cabbage Diet, Grapefruit diet and even at 18 my birthday present was the Diet Center Program.   I have tried almost every fad diet over 30 years and the realization is that I was never meant to be of a thinner nature.   I was always A Plus Size girl.    Even books on the benefits of high fiber diets are on my shelf as we changed our eating after my grandfather passed of colon cancer.

Even in fitness my tapes include Richard Simmons, Jane Fonda, Taebo, Denise Austin.  I remember my membership at Spa Petite and getting in my wedding dress after a grueling wrap at “Inches Away”.  I remember when gyms offered machines and classes that were Step Aerobics and Boot Camp.

SHIFT is the acronym for Supportive, Holistic, Integrative, and Functional Therapies.

How could I not include some of my challenges, experiences and personal research of over 30 years into the integrative movement and nutrition as well as positive motivation in wellness coaching, massage, personal training, dance and yoga therapies.  Each of these therapies are holistic and have movement in all direction of the bodies movement (functional).

One of my favorite writers is Dr. Daniel Amen.  Author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.  His 10 topics on creating a healthy brain will be the subject of the next 10 months of Blogs.  Within those months will be blogs sharing supportive therapies and how they are effective along with book reviews of some of my favorite books.

March will be the 1st of the many blogs and sharing’s of thoughts and scientific support to enhance your wellness.

As I spent years educating myself it was that search for knowledge that lead me to not only a more holistic form of life but research the science behind that education.  Education comes in all forms of learning.  From the school of hard knocks to college.  Each of my degrees requires continuing education courses, Massage, Personal Training and Yoga.  I continue daily to learn a more organic lifestyle through oils, nutrition and herbs.  My degrees may hang on the wall but the many forms of education and knowledge is shown in the experience of SHIFT.  Shifting Forward to new beginnings.

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