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Scales Lie

If you believe this then join the club! I have had the opportunity at County and State fairs to stump the guesser. You know the professional Carnie that guesses your age or weight? Only me and the doctor’s office know the truth and they are usually surprised. I don’t look my weight. I guess I own it well.
So many times we get so caught up in the weight that we forget that it is only a number and does not tell our health or fitness level. It is a place where people get so caught up and obsessed but is it what really matters?
Does that higher number mean that I can’t do 1 hour of advanced Salsa & Latin dancing?
No. It does mean that if I want to make the faster turns I have to work harder at it with more momentum to keep the timing.
Does it mean that I can’t be athletic with team sports like Wallyball or sand volleyball?
Nope. I played for 40 mins straight on the beaches of Riveria Maya Mexico being on the winning team
I normally play 6 hours of wallyball a week.

Does that mean I eat doughnuts for breakfast every day?
I may have eggs with veggies or yogurt & granola, oatmeal or protein shake and an occasional doughnut.
Does that mean I am not flexible or strong?
Probably not. While I teach & practice yoga, I am not one to be a pretzel in real life, so I don’t practice it in my yoga.
I do practice strengthening with dynamic movement in my yoga.
The number on the scale does not reflect my happiness or health or fitness. It is my strength from within and my perseverance, despite it, that says I wear it well. The scale may lie but my life wellness does not.
Next up….Body Composition Tell me more.

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