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Personal Training vs Partnership Training: Why it’s important

Which sounds better to you? Personal Training, Partnership Training, or Something else?

It probably depends on who you are, what your experiences have been, where you live, and even what your DNA is … the point is that we all have preferences, issues, and more that impact how we navigate our lives.

Let me explain what personal means for me

As I completed my certification in Massage Therapy I worked and continued my education with a Associates of Applied Science (AAS) in Clinical Sports Massage Therapy.

I wanted to have a better understanding of Sports and Movement so I registered up for a single semester of Personal Training coursework.

My teacher got my attention on the first day of the semester. He watched me walking down the hallway and asked why I was limping.

My response was flippant, as first I didn’t realize I was limping. I gave him my list:

And, I was more than 2 times older than most of the other classmates, but I was walking like I was 3 times older.

My new instructor had me look down and see the positioning of my feet. Each turned out in their own way. That day, I left the class with homework — an exercise to strengthen my inner thighs and recommendations on which machines I should use to warm up beforehand.

So, although I had woken up with chronic hip pain (that day and countless days before), my hip pain went away within weeks and I no longer had my limp.

That was how my personal definition of what “Personal Training” changed, forever.

I chose my training in NASM (National Academy in Sports Medicine) at St. Paul College. I appreciated the innovative Optimum Performance Training™ (OPT™) Model that stated:

“This is where I am today and let’s start there.”

I learned from the best of the best

Having many hours of course work and even more in my own training was invaluable. My teacher was an elite athlete that trained Iron Man trainees as well as coaches to train. He believed in body weight training. I combined my education with Therapeutic Yoga Training. My Shift Yoga classes combine the best of strength training with the gentleness of yoga. My love of music ties it all together with Yoga Dance.

Fast forward to today (6 years later).

Sometimes life throws us surprises.

Chronic conditions don’t have to be scary words. We can make life choices that are about our wellness, flexibility, strength, and enjoyment of our lives.

Healthy and Thin are not the same.

Being a larger bodied woman, I understand the need to modify. We all have our own personal obstacles to either accept or work toward removing.

My clients are not always gym people. They come in all shapes and sizes, with small to great limitations, with both small and large goals. The toning, weight loss, and strength building activities that we do impacts their lives in both small and large ways. Pain relief, numbness, inability to lift or move limbs, chronic muscle tension, and more.

As for me, I can be found around our city:

I love and thrive on being able to support my massage clients, training clients, and fellow dance students — both on and off the table. SHIFTing forward to reach your goals together in Personal Partnership.

Tammy Shaw-Sykes
Owner and Founder
SHIFT Fitness, Massage and Yoga

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