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I Gave Away A Smile and Find Out That My Return Was Priceless

Some memories last forever. On this Valentine’s Day I smile and I recall that years ago when I was active in Mary Kay I had no Valentine in my life to receive a special something from. My response to that was to purchase 36 pink carnations. I preceded to attach my card and some samples to the pink carnations with ribbon. I suspected that I would never get a call back for my efforts but that did not matter. I passed out pink carnations with a smile one at a time at the mall, bus stops, walkers, restaurants. What I did receive was more that 36 smiles back. With each smile my heart got lighter and lighter. Those smiles made that day priceless. I don’t know if anyone remembers that crazy lady running after them with flower in tow but I will never forget the gifts of a smile back.

I hope you all share a smile with someone each day. It is a gift that cost you nothing and can change someone day. One smile at a time. If you get a smile back…then you then have 2. Theirs and yours.

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