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Teresa Krinke K. Minneapolis, MN

***** 5.0 star rating 3/1/2017
I wouldn’t trade Tammy as a health coach for all the tea in China. I have been working with her as a personal trainer for some time now. She has taken me from nearly immobile to a full range of motion. I can get up and go, and do whatever whenever. Her holistic approach to care has opened up many new possibilities for me. She takes an interest in me an my life from physical movement to spiritual support which for me is very important. Others I know prefer her massages over working out – I need the all round coach and I couldn’t ask for better!

***** 5.0 star rating
Tammy has competed along side of me in 5k’s for the last 3 years and has been a great coach as well as a great resource. Not only does Tammy Talk the Talk, She walks the walk . (pardon the Pun )”

Anonomous Northeastner Minneapolis, MN
***** 5.0 star rating 2/12/2013
The team at Shift is A-MA-ZING! I love the Lunchtime Yoga and Tammy gives the best massages ever. She knows exactly how to tailor a workout and a massage to my individual limitations and I won’t go to anyone else. You have to try it out.

Anonomous Yelp Review Minneapolis, MN 4-28-2014
**** 4.0 star rating
I walked in with very stiff head and neck and shoulders and I walked out with a full range of motion. No pain!

Tara Hall, Pompano, FL 2/23/2013
***** 5.0 star rating
*I was visiting Minnesota, whilst traveling for business. Sitting at a computer all day long and taking the occasional plane ride, really does a number on my back. Shift Massage was recommended. I have to say that Tammy, the massage therapist was very knowledgable about yoga and massage and the respective healing properties.
Once on the table, not even 2 minutes in, I was relaxed. Her infusion of Clinical massage and hot stones were amazing. I cannot wait to visit again for another massage session.

Pierre G. St Paul, MN
***** 5.0 star rating
After having attended the amazing candlelight yoga classes for multiple weeks on Tuesday evenings, I decided to go for a massage. I’ve had Swedish massages in Sweden, and Thai massages in Thailand and can honestly say that this was the best massage I’ve ever had! As an added bonus, Tammy is just the nicest person you’ll ever meet!Testimonials from Yoga Classes

Yoga Class / Personal Yoga
Lauren Elizabeth
**** 4 Stars
If you’re looking for a very traditional yoga class, this studio might not be for you, but if you’re open to trying new things and looking for variety, it’s great! The instructor, Tammy, is very friendly and has a lot of experience with a variety of fitness techniques. She likes to bring in interesting props to the practice–beyond the usual straps and blocks, we’ve used beach balls and belly dancing scarves. The only downside to this location is the noisy traffic outside, so it’s not as relaxing as it could be.

Emily Dauk
**** 5 Stars
Excellent class in a welcoming environment!

Alethea Morrissey
**** 4 Stars
Great class, very personalized!

H. Marie Olson
*** 3 Stars
The location of the studio was easy to find and unique. The actual studio on the 3rd floor of the building had a fantastic layout with hardwood floors and good lighting. The noise from traffic passing by on University Ave was somewhat distracting when trying to focus and relax, but that comes due to the location. The yoga moves were challenging and offered good stretching and balance. The class was a tad more ‘chatty’ than I would have preferred but the 2nd half was just right. The studio had everything one would need if they were a first time yoga attender (extra mats, etc.). I like the instructor. She had a nice calming voice and had a good vibe. I will be attending again.

Ann Niebuhr
**** 4 Stars
Good class.

James Tangen-Foster
**** 4 Stars
Good class. Instructor took us through a good selection of poses and a meditation. The instructor could use a little practice in speaking without stuttering during some of the poses but overall the class was very relaxing with just the right amount of core conditioning for a new yoga student to feel comfortable.

Rin Nelson
**** 4 Stars
Was a great first try at Yoga. Very relaxing and challenging at the same time.

Rachel LaBerge
***** 5 Stars
Had a great class even though I was the only student. The instructor was friendly, knowledgable, and took time to address my personal needs throughout the class.

Angela K
***** 5 Stars
“I am coming from a very sedentary, dull lifestyle to wanting to try and get fit. I have taken a few other yoga classes and have enjoyed them, but coming to a class with Tammy was, to say the least, A LOT of fun. I got lucky to be the only student, so we spent time doing yoga, dancing, belly dancing all while using different props (scarves and bouncy balls). She makes it fun and helps you through things that might not be familiar. Keeping it light and fun made this class a MUST to go back to!”

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