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Numbness or Weakness

numbness tingling spinal cord dysfunctionNumbness, Tingling, Lack of Strength, Head or Spine Trauma, Spinal Cord Dysfunction?

How do the nerve and muscles work together? Chances are you may not have ever considered this question until something goes wrong or you receive a diagnosis that affect your neuromuscular system. Each person’s injuries, challenges, and goals are different.

Neuromuscular problems can cause symptoms such as:

When your muscles and nerves are no longer working properly, these symptom appear, sometimes without warning and can be signs of neuromuscular dysfunction.

Neuromuscular Therapy can help to correct, improve, or maintain function to improve symptoms, strength, and balance.

For individuals diagnosed with progressive nervous system conditions like ALS, PLS, or Parkinsons, neuromuscular therapy can be combined with medical treatment to improve quality of life through continuing movement.

Similarly, for those with spinal cord dysfunction due to injury, stenosis, compression, or other causes, neuromuscular therapy can help maintain movement and independence.


As a Clinical Massage Therapist and Corrective Exercise Specialist I have found that the massage table is still the best for working with issues to start. Schedule an Orthopaedic Massage and Consultation to assess how neuromuscular therapy can relieve or eliminate numbness, weakness, imbalance or work to maintain your movement and strength.

Orthopaedic Massage and Consultation includes:


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