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Shifting Forward

I am asked often why I chose the name Shift Fitness and Massage when I enhanced my massage business.

Shift means moving.  You can’t stay still when you have momentum.  While shifting you are moving from one place in life to another.  Sometimes moving faster in your goals and sometimes slower but moving none the less.

Fitness Being fit starts with what is on the inside with healthier food, healthier thoughts and better movement for your quality of life you choose to live.

Massage can relieve pain, reduce stress, improve sleep and the benefits are huge.  Having Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome this is my first line of defense.

Shift since its beginning has been changing and evolving.  Our humble beginning started as a concept of what people on the dance floor wanted ie belly dance, social dance and even the “Shift Man” was created in the backyard in NorthEast on a white board by friends.  It has evolved not inside the walls with yoga dance but nutrition talks in the backyard, dancing around the city and we are looking forward to more health and wellness workshops.

We are excited be Shifting Forward to a new location in December on Central Avenue on the ground floor and handicap accessible.  There is plenty of street parking and lighting at night as well.

Shift’s Happen when you quiet your mind with relaxation.

Shift’s Happen when you move your body in motion.

This new location will offer more opportunities to put the body in motion through yoga dance classes, East Coast Swing classes and Dance for Fitness classes and more.

You will continue to find us in the studios and looking forward to more opportunities to be out in the community.

Tammy Shaw-Sykes

Founder of Shift Fitness and Massage

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