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Swing Hustle Partner Dance Lessons

This is the easiest of all social dancing.  Great for 2 left feet or just some new fun.  

Many times we find ourselves listening to the bands of the 70/80’s.  Swing Hustle is a great social dance to get into that groove.  

No partner is needed.  But invite your friends.  

Instructors at Chris Sykes and Tammy Shaw-Sykes 

Lesson is from 7-8 and dance party from 8-9pm 

After dance class we will be having social time practice time.   

I will be leaving my disco ball at home but come for some fun and social time.

$13 for the lesson and dance party free or $5 for just the dance party. 

Don’t feel like a bystander.  Come join us! 

We are handling registrations for our public classes through To register for this class, you may be asked to sign up for a free account and RSVP there.

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