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Prenatal Yoga Training

Add a new dimension to your career as a group fitness instructor with YogaFit’s Mother and Baby Teacher Training program. Designed exclusively for YogaFit by a board certified obstetrician/gynecologist who has been practicing and recommending yoga to her patients for years, the program features safety for your students and simplicity for you. Classic yoga poses have been selected specifically for use during pregnancy and the postpartum period. These are linked in a gentle “flow” style, according to the YogaFit® “3-Mountain” method.

Mother- and- Baby Workshops will give you a streamlined approach to teaching Prenatal and Postpartum YogaFit classes that you can use right away with confidence. Every YogaFit Prenatal pose presented in the manual will be safe for your students throughout all trimesters of pregnancy. Modifications and props are clearly outlined. Confusion over “which student can do what” is eliminated. Poses to help relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy, from morning sickness to early labor pains, are included. Breathing techniques and pelvic floor exercises that your students will find valuable during labor and delivery are stressed. Anatomic changes and emotional issues are discussed. YogaFit® Postpartum poses are linked in a specific order designed to follow the natural healing path of a mother’s body after delivery. Teach new poses and review old favorites as you guide your students through a safe, flowing transition between pregnancy and traditional YogaFit.

This course is designed for any YogaFit instructor who wishes to expand his or her competence into the delightful world of Mother and Baby Yoga.

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