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Healthy Frozen Meal Workshop

Simply Wholesome Freezer Meal Workshop

We will be making 10-20 freezer meals that serve 4-6 or 2-3 servings) so you can split with a friend. 

Workshop is $78 for the bundle of Wild Tree Spices, marinades, oils.  You can always split the cost/meals in half ($39) with a friend as I did.  

YOU Prepay for this by Friday 9/28 Noon (cc# infor and an email address is needed OR a check by 9/28. My Friend Ruth Brateng or is the consultant who orders at 763-568-5123 or email her at  You can also reach out to me at 612-991-1401.  

When the bundles are ordered then you’ll receive an email with a grocery list and some prep instructions (feel free to use what is in your pantry, garden, freezer, etc) We will be gathering at Shift Fitness & Massage Community Kitchen in the back of New Boston Square Apts and have some fun. 

When you go home, you’ll reap the rewards and have 10+ nights of “Dinner is ready” Bye bye fast food, hello healthy eating. 

Wildtree is certified organic products and many gluten free products. Last month I tried the Gluten Free Meals and they have all been great and great flavors marinading in the freezer ready for my crockpot, pan, grill. I love being a busy business owner and we look on the refrigerator list to see what we have and what we may need to add, ie salad, sweet potatoes, how long it takes, etc. As my massage and personal training clients are also looking for convenience as well as healthy, these have a lot of flavors and most are under 500 calories. 

Average cost per serving is $3-4 which includes food & spices. 

BONUS Option: FREE Salsa Class at 8pm in Shift Studio

We are handling registrations for our public classes through To register for this class, you may be asked to sign up for a free account and RSVP there.

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