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Finally almost here. The first Hangar Dance with next week the South Saint Paul Hangar Dance.

I was first introduced to the Blaine Hangar Dance 7 years ago with attendance around 200. I did not know how to dance and from then on I at least dressed up. We have 10 people there that 1st event and now with multiple Meetups and support of dance lessons through Nightlife and Shift. We bring in over 100 people so each year increases in the fun. Last year people attending was the largest ever with over 920 people.

 I have since learned East Coast and you are also seeing more Rumba, Cha Cha as these will be played by Dale Anderson and his band.

This is called the Hangar Dance as it is located in the Airport Hanger Museum so you have opportunities to check out the old planes. 

Yes, rumours are true that Charles Lindbergh’s mom’s plane is there as well as the proto type car with attachable wings that never took off. We may also have 

John our resident photographer for group photos at the earlier part of the evening and perhaps he can take individual too but he needs to have some fun dancing too. More than just dancing here.

$12 Admission   

Many of us dress in 1940’s attire

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