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Shift Fit Workout and Metabolic training with Nutritional education


Shift Fit is the most affordable, highest-caliber educational fitness experience available. Shift Fit program offers dance/group fitness (no dance experience needed) individual metabolic education and nutrition programs for the duration of 8 weeks. ShiftFit 8-week programs don’t require a studio membership and are open to the public.

Each Shift Fit participant receives:
• Eight (8) weeks 90 minute group fitness instruction
• Two (2) Body Composition Assessments (pre/post)
• One (1) Shift Fit Training Health and Fitness Report
• Eight (8) week access Nutritional Training Program
• One (1) Insider Training’s Health and Fitness report
Shift Fit Music “80’s & 90’s Pop”
Classes begin: Coming in the Fall

Cost: $200

Shift Fit Instructor: Tammy Shaw-Sykes

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