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Chair Massage

On Site Chair Massage

If you are looking for a way to plan en event or be known as one of the best event companies? Onsite Chair Massage is the answer! Whether you are looking for 1 person to come in for 2 hours or multiple therapists for single or amultiple day events. We can handle that too. We are local company hiring local Twin Cities Massage therapists for local events.

Show your employees how much you care with a regular “Corporate Massage Day” at work!
Chair massage can easily
increase productivity
reduce work related injuries
reduce stress and tension
not to mention many other benefits of massage in the workplace.

Shift Fitness & Massage is a locally owned Northeast Minneapolis business.

Contact Shift Fitness & Massage and use “Chair Massage” in the subject line for more information and rates.

Past Onsite Chair Massages included:
Florist during August for employees
Tax Firm Jan-April bi-weekly
After a computer conversion
Tech company monthly for 100+ employees
Customer Appreciation Day
Expos at various Convention Center for many events
Just to name a few reasons for finding out more information.

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