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Shifting the Mind

This is the category the works with Wellness Coaching and the thought processes

Scales Lie

SCALES LIE!!! If you believe this then join the club! I have had the opportunity at County and State fairs to stump the guesser. You know the professional Carnie that guesses your age or weight? Only me and the doctor’s office know the truth and they are usually surprised. I don’t look my weight. I guess I own it well. So many times we get so caught up in the weight that we forget that it is only a number and does not tell our health or fitness level. It … Read More

I Gave Away A Smile and Find Out That My Return Was Priceless

Some memories last forever. On this Valentine’s Day I smile and I recall that years ago when I was active in Mary Kay I had no Valentine in my life to receive a special something from. My response to that was to purchase 36 pink carnations. I preceded to attach my card and some samples to the pink carnations with ribbon. I suspected that I would never get a call back for my efforts but that did not matter. I passed out pink carnations with a smile one at a … Read More

Personal Training vs Partnership Training: Why it’s important

Which sounds better to you? Personal Training, Partnership Training, or Something else? It probably depends on who you are, what your experiences have been, where you live, and even what your DNA is … the point is that we all have preferences, issues, and more that impact how we navigate our lives. Let me explain what personal means for me As I completed my certification in Massage Therapy I worked and continued my education with a Associates of Applied Science (AAS) in Clinical Sports Massage Therapy. I wanted to have … Read More

What is education? What counts? What Matters?

What is education?  What counts? What Matters? As I am de-cluttering my life and cleaning up rooms, trying to decide what books are important at SHIFT, I thought I would only be looking at the many books from 2009 when I started my collegiate education.  I could not have been more wrong. As one fitness professional on the phone said last week “You and I have been in this business for over 20 years”. I quickly corrected her and indicated that it has been much shorter time for me.  It … Read More

Shifts Happen When You Shift Your Mind

“It’s only a thought, and a thought can be changed. “ Louis L. Hay My Power Thought card for today was this. If shifts me back to when I first heard of Power Thought Cards. I picked this card out of 64 cards and it was indicated that whatever card I chose could very well be what I needed the most that day. I found this to be true. I was at a Yoga Fit Conference and in the second day of training for Yoga Lean I and Yoga Lean … Read More

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