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Join us Friday night for Happy Hour Yoga 7-8pm for Yoga with beverages, snacks and social time afterwards.

Shifting Forward

I am asked often why I chose the name Shift Fitness and Massage when I enhanced my massage business. Shift means moving.  You can’t stay still when you have momentum.  While shifting you are moving from one place in life to another.  Sometimes moving faster in your goals and sometimes slower but moving none the less. Fitness Being fit starts with what is on the inside with healthier food, healthier thoughts and better movement for your quality of life you choose to live. Massage can relieve pain, reduce stress, improve … Read More

What is the value of Massage Therapy

The Value of Massage Therapy It was February 14, 2003 when I woke up after 6 uninterrupted hours of sleep and wondered what was wrong. Could it be that a 60 minute massage session had induced a normal sleeping pattern that had eluded me for years? I woke up with feeling no pain or grogginess and wondered if this is what normal people felt. With my second session since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I recieved the same benefits and more. This started my journey into massage therapy and its healing … Read More

Shift Fitness and Massage Open House

OPEN HOUSE Thank you for a fantastic turnout for our Open House Here is the link for the Live Photo Booth Click on Client Tab Password is shift (all lower case letters)

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